VARS Automated Reporting Services
The Vendor Automated Reporting System - VARS - is web-based reporting portal for managing, reporting, and billing for the use of market data products. Redistributors and consumers of market data products report their use of data products to the market centers that create each data products. The single, simplified reporting process eliminates the need to create many individual reports that each conform to each market center's reporting specification.

Nearly every redistributor of market data use our VARS portal to send their activity reports market centers around the world.

Market centers that create and sell data products benefit from the VARS portal as they receive timely reports that have been checked for accuracy and required information. Market centers can use TCB Data Systems' management and invoicing system or can download this information to update their billing system.

Vendors of market data benefit from the tools and services available on the VARS reporting portal. They have a single, centralized, reporting point that can be as integrated with their internal permissioning systems as necessary. This allows them to efficiently meet their reporting obligations with a minimal amount of administrative support.

Market centers and vendors also benefit from our customer service. We help vendors identify and correct errors, maintain their product codes and other data and act as a liaison between the senders and receivers if necessary.

This is a secure, closed system that requires all users to have authentication credentials established by the information providers in advance. Reports can be uploaded via FTP file transfer or by logging into the web site.

Our secure, web based tools are available available 24 hours a day to assist in the reporting process.
Click here to download our reporting guidelines.