Direct Device Reporting
DDR is used by customers who maintain their own entitlement control to report their device accesses to the providers of the data. These customers typically receive their data via a data feed.

Data providers establish the data products, start date, and service sites for each of their customers who are to report. Depending on the data provider's requirement, customers report totals by product at each service site or the User ID for each access and data product at each service site.

Customers benefit from DDR because they have a simple process that they can use to report to multiple data providers. Customer use their confidential login and password to log into DDR. From there, they select the data provider they wish to report to. Customers can key the information in on-line, or upload their report in a conforming spreadsheet.

Customers can also use DDR to produce Multiple Installation, Single User (MISU) reports. Many data providers allow you to pay for their data once per user. To recieve MISU credits for end-users who have multiple accesses to a data product, a MISU report must be prepared that shows the users and their accesses.

DDR is available 24 hours a day through a secure connection via a web browser.
Click here to download the Direct Device Reporting Overview.