Subscriber Online Activity Reporting
SOLAR is a web-based application that enables users to create and manage their customers' names, addresses, and inventory information over the Internet. SOLAR formats the information into a subscriber report and submits it directly to the VARS reporting system for processing. The report is then processed and distributed to the information providers in the requisite format.

The benefits of SOLAR include:
  • Submitted reports can be distributed in a multitude of formats (VARS, VRXML, Spreadsheet, etc.) with no overhead for the user.

  • Submitted reports always reflect correct totals.

  • Users can generate and download many types of reports on their data in a variety of file formats.

  • Accurate invoices can be calculated, downloaded, or created

  • SOLAR is accessible around the clock from any compatible web browser through a secure connection.

  • No custom applications or databases need to be developed in order to submit reports. Your organization can be reporting to information providers in a matter of minutes.

Click here to download the SOLAR overview