TCB Data Systems is the premier market data reporting solution.
We provide numerous products and services for all aspects of the market data industry.
Vendor Automated Reporting Services
VARS is a web-based system for gathering reports on services and subscriber activities from redistributors of market data for transmission to the providers of that data.

Subscriber On-Line Activity Reporting System
SOLAR stores all customer locations and data product inventory and creates data provider output reports according to each data provider's specifications.
SOLAR can be updated manually or by a variety of data file formats and provides a detailed audit trail of all reporting activity.

Usage & Non-Pro Reporting
UBR provides a simplified process for reporting per-query products or other products where only a total quantity is reported each month.

Direct Device Reporting System
DDR allows data feed recipients who internally distribute data products to report their product consumption to the data providers. DDR supports end-user level data reporting, enabling one to easily calculate multiple-access single user (MISU) credits for individual users who have collective access to the same data products.

Customer Management & Invoicing
Our invoicing services support electronic vendor billing, end-user customer billing and is fully integrated with the VARS Reporting System. A customized invoice with your logo and payment information is created and sent to each recipient. Product inventory charges and other user-created charges can be invoiced monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Current or historical invoices can be viewed, printed or downloaded as a spreadsheet for analysis by invoiced customers.

Consulting Services
We can help reduce the time and expense associated with managing and reporting on data product use. We can help you design efficient management tools or help you extract data from your entitlement system.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you!